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and we're up!

Weekly update:

If you're looking for some other comics to read check out the rest of the new members that came on when I did! I've personally read through Autumn Wing and KEYSPACE: A Winged Tale so far, but they're all good.

New SpiderForest Comics - Rebuilding a Life after a Death

Autumn Wing and the Crown of Fire
Autumn Wing and the Crown of Fire - To forge your own halo--to become a hero. To prove your true worth...?
Kinder des Lich
Kinder des Lich - Modern vampires try to figure out life after death. Success is variable.
imageR.O.A.R." style="box-sizing: border-box;padding:12px 0;"/>
R.O.A.R. - In the gray fog of war, men and monsters cast the same shadows.