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We've got so many shoes to drop.

Sorry for missing a week! Had some crazy bug that knocked me on my ass for a few days. But here we are! Best time to reveal little white lies is when the offended party can't run away.

Here's the COTW line up! They're pretty awesome as always.

Week of Feb27 - Mar 05

Best Day of My Life

C/O American Authors

These intrepid souls are determined to make the best of it! Whether goblins trying to make their way in unfamiliar territory, to owls just being, their attitude is always upbeat and quite silly!

Realm of Owls
Realm of Owls - Silly owl people are at it again! This time with revolution! How will Sharpie, a sharp-minded detective fare against the mysterious Stygian Lord? Witness the epic clash of wits unfold, in the most ambitious owl story yet! (Ò◊Ó)7
[Realm of Owls Webtoon Mirror]

Gobo Gazette
Gobo Gazette - A comic strip style, ongoing story about twelve goblins having one misadventures after the next as they try to find a new home and their place in the world outside their cave.