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First off: If you missed it last week, our update was actually a new "page 1" to the whole darn story! So be sure to go back and look at that if you missed it. I mentioned it on that page, but I'm going to try and dedicate one update a month or so to fixing old pages. If I don't, I'll never get to it.

This week:

Pages like this are why I enjoy my method of story creation more often than not. I'm a bit of a "pants"er (writing by the seat of your pants) but I like to think I can keep a handle on all the threads so nothing gets too out of hand. But that sort of "wild" creation allows for exploration into character dynamics that I might not else-wise get a chance to with a more ridged script. The downside o fcource, is getting stagnate and not being able to move the plot along but I feel 3-4 page tangents aren't too much of a drag on plot especially for what I think they add.

There was also a slight delay in this weeks page because my apple pencil bit the dust and I had to wait for apple to send me a replacement.