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Just popping in to say, that I am still on schedule to be done with my project towards the end of October. I will probably be taking a (Brief) break the first week or so of November. But then ROAR will be back!

Thank you for supporting me during the unexpected Hiatus while I focused on this big secret side project. It's been a good experience, but I absolutely overestimated how much of me there was to go around for all my various things.

OH ALSO: The website got a Minor facelift! Thanks to Alyssa who is also a Member (and Admin) of Spiderforest! I'm very happy with it and I hope you are too!

On the Art:

I know we haven't seen Sett much yet! (And when we did see them, they were in an Urn) but this is an older drawing of them I still like very much.