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In Brief: While it kind of sucked to be away (unplanned) for a few weeks, the end result is that I passed what I needed to pass.It's been a weight on my shoulders for about a year now, and it's more or less come to it's conclusion.(Yey) Coupled that intense studying with some health scares with my elderly dog...it's definitely been a fun time!

Page: I realize this could come up as having rewritten to fill in plot holes. But It was more or less always supposed to be implied Six was living with someone. (Vase of flowers on his kitchen table in Chapter 2) It wasn't always going to be Nanna, but as stuff developed it only made sense that it should be her to me.

Minor Spoilery Lore:

In early drafts "The Eight" were really seven, because their eighth member never really survived for very long. (really, I had basically figured out everyone's friendships by then and it seemed hard to input another character into that dynamic.) But Nanna just sort of willed herself into the story at some point while I was off on a tangent...and well I'm glad she stuck around. I got really wrapped up initially around the idea of having a woman super soldier, just because of the time period and wondering if they would have "wasted" (their perspective) the possibility on female test subjects.

But hell it's my story, and while I don't think that's a great reason to do something in all cases...

I'm going for it.