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It's that time of year again! Spider forest is doing Comic of the Week! Sao and Clover and Cutlass are some of my personal favorites from these first two rounds, but they are ALL really good.

It's Not the Destination...It's the Journey! It's truths revealed, friends made along the way, and lessons learned.

Clover and Cutlass
Clover and Cutlass - Maggie is a reluctant heir to the local warlord, who falls for Jolene, a burnt-out healer. Unfortunately, Maggie's parents want Jolene dead.

The Chronicles of Oro
The Chronicles of Oro - Magic, crimes, dragons, and babysitting. Juniper Snow is spirited away to another world and is now now implicated in a teenage crime spree, entangled in the fate of the world, and must deal with all this while also managing an unexpected babysitting gig.

Sao and the Glow of Memories
Sao and the Glow of Memories - A young boy searches for his abducted clan. The world he ventures into is one where men, monsters, and spirits are at war, each scarred by a legacy of conquest.

Gifts or Curses Gifts come in many forms, and sometimes the consequences of those gifts aren't what's hoped for.

Gifts of Wandering Ice
Gifts of Wandering Ice - A story about ancient things people find in melting icebergs and the apocalypse that made humanity better.

Aster and the Fire
Aster and the Fire - A failed Chosen one falls into a life of magical crime.

OK on to comic page!

This was a weird one for me, because I got stuck on who's vision of the "wonder-men" I wanted to depict here. I had thought about going with Mittermeir's vision, but ended up settling on what Jager imagines "perfection" to be. Also, while not absolutely period correct, I wanted to do a quick nod to Berkeley. The Blue and Pink Radioactive symbol was made in 1946, so we're a few years early but that's just how we roll here at ROAR sometimes bay-be. Third-ly? in addendum? LIFE UPDATES uh. We're doing things, trucking along. It's that time of year where my hours and schedule are dependent on when the weather hits. And since most of the country has been in a state of frozen blizzard on and off the last couple weeks I've mostly been sleeping and working on things as I have time off. (Did sneak in a vacation to the slopes though!) Not to mention studying for a few big important exams coming up. I looked back at this time last year, and it seems like I am just as chaotic, but differently so. OH WELL on wards!