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Future DIngo here: I ended up tweaking some things for flow and also color a little bit.

Little late on this one.

I'm rarely prone to I think what I'd refer to as art block? I've mostly always been able to muscle through it. But honestly just real life limbo is just a little extra hill. Six years of IRL career effort is about to come to head, for better or worse and it sort of just has left me in this in this space were I'm not sure if I'm coming or going.

I'm actually excited about this page, it was cool to draw a train again. (Haven't drawn one from this angle since Poppies!) If anyone can guess where we are in Germany by the train station, I'll be very impressed.

Also for comic of the week:

Nightmare Witch has some of the most vibrant colors I've seen in a webcomic in awhile, and obviously got to give Kimmy and Witch of Dezina a shout out!

Week of February 05-11

Which Witch?

Witches can be good or they can be evil. Solve problems or create nightmares. Which witch do you prefer?

Witch of Dezina

Witch of Dezina - A country is thrown into chaos when their goddess disappears, taking her magic with her. Tayver is in over his head with the investigation. Good thing Elenore is here to... help?

Nightmare Witch
Nightmare Witch - The struggle to find a meaningful life under the grasp of an alien condition.