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More experimenting on colors and such. Some things clicking in my brain about light and shadow, and form.

Glad to be feeling more like myself, and enjoying the process.

Honestly this scene is probably one of the harder ones I've ever written, because I'm trying to keep things dynamic while conversations happen. When I started "Tigers" I sorta had a cut off in mind for where in the plot it would end, but I think I may end up moving it further along because I think there's a more natural stopping point than what I originally had in mind.

The original scope of "Tigers" was to cover most of the spy arc, and take us right up to Ch 9. "Bright Eyes". Tying each Chapter to a song has been fairly important to me, but it hasn't always worked out specially with small side Chapters like "The Doctor" and "Null." I've debated going back and putting little spoiler musings about the importance of each Chapter title but I haven't quite gotten around to it yet.

Thanks again everyone for hanging in there while I've been sorta grinding my way through 2023-2024. I'm set to take the last set of my exams in the coming weeks, and while I guess things wont get any less busy, they'll at least get more settled.